American pop music hall of fame

アメリカのポピュラー音楽界では今年から”Pop music Hall of Fame"を設け
 発表されるがPerry Como, Bobby Vintonは出身地でもあり逆に少し

  Frank Sinatra.
  Elvis Presley.
  The Beatles.
 And of course, Canonsburg's own Perry Como and Bobby Vinton.
They are among the 14 pop acts selected by public vote for induction in America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame in the borough.
 Johnny Tillotson—an early ‘60s pop icon—revealed the first 14 inductees at a press conference
 Friday at the Canonsburg McDonald’s, home to a collection of Vinton and Como memorabilia.
 Those artists from Canonsburg—a borough of 8,900 people—have placed nearly 200 songs on the Bill board pop charts, Manager Terry Hazlett said.
 Inductees, who had to have a hit prior to 1970 to be considered, were selected from 40 nominees chosen on the  breadth, depth and influence of their recordings.
 These, alphabetically, are the first inductees into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame.
 •They brought surf music and “Pet Sounds” to America—The Beach Boys.
 •Even today, pop music is defined as what came before and after this band—The Beatles.
"Hey Jude"
 •He is known as “The Man in Black"—Johnny Cash.
"A boy named Sue"

 •He is credited with creating the first soul record—Ray Charles.
 •An ‘unforgettable’ artist of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s—Nat King Cole.
 •The singing barber from Canonsburg—Perry Como.
"Catch a falling star"

 •He hit the charts with pop, rock, country and Broadway tunes—Bobby Darin.
 •A stellar singer and songwriter from the Brill Building days—Neil Diamond.
"Song sung blue"

 •She’s forever known as Little Miss Dynamite—Brenda Lee.
 •The king of the romance, he’s “Wonderful Wonderful”—Johnny Mathis.
 •The King of Rock 'n Roll had plenty of pop hits, too—Elvis Presley.
 •He’s the chairman of the board—Frank Sinatra.
 •The Polish Prince (and he’s from Canonsburg)—Bobby Vinton
"Blue velvet"
 •The eighth wonder of the world—Stevie Wonder.

"For once in my life"